Casting Call: The Lunar Chronicles

So I'm actually ahead on the blog (for once), so you probably don't know yet about my obsession with The Lunar Chronicles. But I am a tiny bit obsessed.

So today we're going to have a small casting session. 

Full disclosure: I only just started Cress yesterday, so apparently there are some characters I haven't met yet?


In my head, Cinder looks like this:

Battlestar Galactica-era Grace Park, who is too old and I don't think Cinder is Asian? Anyway, in my mind it's who she looks like.


Jordan Rodrigues, AKA Christian from Dance Academy.

When thinking about Scarlet, I find that looks-wise Debby Ryan is a good fit. Except I've seen too many episodes of Jessie, and that girl gets. on. my. nerves. So instead,

I think Shailene Woodley has the right blend of toughness and sweetness to pull off Scarlet. And even if she IS Hollywood-skinny, she doesn't look like a stick.

Cress, who is young and adorable, I picture as:

G. Hannelius, the adorable girl from Dog With a Blog.

Captain Thorne I kind of want to cast as Wes Aderhold, except that I can't handle him after he was so creepy as Wickham, and also he's a LOT older than my choice for Cress (who in real life is 15). So let's go with

Spencer Boldman, who is tall and has the kind of smile that would make girls swoon over a felon. As I said, I haven't finished reading Cress, so I don't know how that dynamic is gonna be, but I'm comfortable with this age gap (he's 22). She's at the age where she WOULD crush on a guy this old, but they're close enough that I could be convinced that it's not creepy. In a couple years, that is.

Heck, I think I'm gonna cast Wes Aderhold after all. As Wolf.

He's age-appropriate for Shailene, good at being soulful and a little dreamy, and also enough of a creeper that you never quite know which side he's on.

And Levana, who is described (before she opens her mouth) as looking sweet and innocent:

That's right. Gigi Darcy herself. I went there.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Can you think of a better Cinder, maybe one who looks like she might actually be Allison Paige's niece? Tell me in the comments!

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