The Bad Queen by Carolyn Meyer

Goodreads Summary: "History paints her as a shallow party girl, a spoiled fashionista, a callous ruler. Perhaps no other royal has been so maligned--and so misunderstood--as Marie-Antoinette.

From the moment she was betrothed to the dauphin of France at age fourteen, perfection was demanded of Marie-Antoinette. She tried to please everyone--courtiers, her young husband, the king, the French people--but often fell short of their expectations. Desperate for affection and subjected to constant scrutiny, this spirited young woman can't help but want to let loose with elaborate parties, scandalous fashions, and unimaginable luxuries. But as Marie-Antoinette's lifestyle gets ever more recklessly extravagant, the peasants of France are suffering from increasing poverty--and becoming outraged. They want to make the queen pay.

In this latest installment of her acclaimed Young Royals series, Carolyn Meyer reveals the dizzying rise and horrific downfall of the last Queen of France."

Review: So as I read this, I kept thinking about the movie Marie Antoinette with Kirsten Dunst. Which is kind of cool because she mentions that movie in the Author's Note at the end.

Anyway, while I've never particularly cared for History as a school subject, I've always loved Historical Fiction novels because of what I learn from them (is that strange?). And this one was no exception. I learned a lot of details about Marie Antoinette's life that I hadn't known before, and it made her feel more real to me. Even though I still wasn't entirely convinced by her characterization. I mean, she talks about how people kept telling her to stop spending so much, and she doesn't give me any reasons for ignoring their advice; instead she just says that she kept spending money. I wish there was more to it than just saying, "And then I ignored their advice." :/

Goodreads Shelves:fluffy, is-a-movie, is-this-a-kissing-book, pretentious


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