Interim Report - What I'm reading

I won't post summaries for these, just link to goodreads and tell you what I'm thinking.

The Maze Runner - So I was having a hard time with this one at first; I'm listening to it on CD, and I was worried that print might have been the better choice. I pushed on to finish at least the first disc, and I'm so glad I did. The narration is great. Once I gave it a chance and got used to it, I really really liked it. I'm in the middle of disc 3 right now, and the story is confusing and suspenseful and violent and I'm kind of addicted. I have so many questions, just like Thomas does. Will Thomas get to be a runner? What will he find when he does? Why is the maze there in the first place? How does Thomas know the mysterious girl?

Blood and Chocolate - I've wanted to read this, on and off, for a couple of years now. Now that I'm actually picking it up, I'm really liking it. Vivian is a different kind of Girl Main Character, and I like that. She's not some nice kid who 'just happens' to look like a model; she is a foxy femme fatale, and she knows it. She uses her sexuality to rule and possess the people around her, except for her family, who are also dominating werewolves. And she hides her insecurity really well, as I imagine most beautiful teenagers do.

Num8ers - This is also one I considered reading in print instead of listening to, but I'm glad I'm listening to it. I think the experience is really enhanced by listening to it being read with the British accent, which I wouldn't have recreated well enough in my head. The story is pretty exciting (even though I read too many reviews, I think; so far I've known pretty much everything that's happened), and I'm really curious about how the ending's going to turn out.

*side note: The premise of Numbers, wherein she has this unexplained ability to see people's "numbers" (that is, the date when they're going to die), reminds me strongly of this music video.*

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