The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner by Stephenie Meyer

Goodreads Summary: "Bree Tanner can barely remember life before she had uncannily powerful senses, superhuman reflexes and unstoppable physical strength. Life before she had a relentless thirst for blood... life before she became a vampire.

All Bree knows is that living with her fellow newborns has few certainties and even fewer rules: watch your back, don't draw attention to yourself and, above all, make it home by sunrise or die. What she doesn't know: her time as an immortal is quickly running out.

Then Bree finds an unexpected friend in Diego, a newborn just as curious as Bree about their mysterious creator, whom they know only as "her". As they come to realize that the newborns are pawns in a game larger than anything they could have imagined, Bree and Diego must choose sides and decide whom to trus. But when everything you know about vampires is based on a lie, how do you find the truth?"

Review: That's right. I went there.

Honestly, it wasn't, you know, terrible. Compelling, certainly, as all of Stephenie Meyer's works are. I didn't particularly care for seeing familiar people from Bree's perspective (Carlisle, Jasper, etc.). Something about it felt off, but that might just be me.

Goodreads Shelves: fluffy


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  1. I think the problem is that the 4 novels are sustained by an engrossing story while the writing... well, maybe not the best (I have NOTHING to say, though!). But I don't think Bree's story lives up to the expectation for a great story. I can't say I was disappointed, but it wasn't that exciting, either.

    I don't blame Stephenie Meyer for being burnt out on vampires right about now. http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/authors/stephenie_meyer_im_really_burned_out_on_vampires_165662.asp?c=rss

    I'm planning on adding a review, too, but I'm waiting until after I see the movie next week.


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