Rosebush by Michele Jaffe

Summary (via the author's website): "Jane’s night was killer…
Instead of celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the Jersey Shore, Jane is in the hospital surrounded by teddy bears, trying to piece together what happened last night. One minute she was at a party, wearing fairy wings and cuddling with her boyfriend. The next, she was lying near-dead in a rosebush after a hit-and-run.
Everyone believes it was an accident, despite the phone threats Jane swears were real. But the truth is a thorny thing. As Jane’s boyfriend, friends, and admirers come to visit, more memories surface—not just from the party, but from deeper in her past . . . including the night her best friend Bonnie died.
With nearly everyone in her life a suspect now, Jane must unravel the mystery before her killer attacks again. The clues point in one direction–and a killer a little too close for comfort."

Review: There's only one downside that I can see. It's not as hilarious as Bad Kitty or Kitty Kitty. Other than that, I loved it.

I don't agree with the V-Mars comparisons that the girls at Forever YA drew in the boys, but maybe that's just me. I mean, I can see Ollie as a Logan character, but David is not nearly good enough to be compared to Duncan.

I love the mystery in this book; also, I loved Jane, and I loved seeing her progress from the way she thinks about her friends and her family to the end, where she can see clearly what's going on with the people around her.

Goodreads Shelves: addictive, fluffy, is-this-a-kissing-book, my-kind-of-woman, pretentious, thought-provoking



  1. I haven't heard of this one, but it sounds intriguing. Hope my library has it ... Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. You should check it out, especially if you like mysteries. Michele Jaffe is really good at them.


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