Bridesicle by Will McIntosh

Summary: A woman wakes up after being cryonically frozen to find herself in a "date center," where rich men can talk to partially-revived women and decide whether to fully revive them as their wives.

Review: So I found this short story when I went to get today's Free Friday selection from Barnes and Noble and discovered that the author won a Hugo last year for this story. After reading the title, I couldn't really resist looking it up.

This story has some interesting things to say on the subject of death, marriage, love, and family. And had me completely riveted.

Because it's a short story, there wasn't much time for certain things like tons of characters or a super-established setting. Which means it was very streamlined and totally full of plot and the crazy 'Frozen Mail-order Bride' concept. Which is crazy.

It's 11 pages, and if you're ok with a little bit of sci-fi, I pretty much encourage everyone to go take a look. You can read it here.


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