Deadly Sanctuary by Sylvia Nobel

Summary (via the back of the book): "Beautiful, strong-willed reporter, Kendall O'Dell, is drawn into an evil web of conspiracy beyond anything she could have ever imagined when she accepts a position at a small newspaper in isolated Castle Valley, Arizona. Her assignment : Find out why her predecessor mysteriously vanished while working on a story concerning the unsolved deaths of two teenage girls. Why is the sheriff so hostile to her inquiries? Why is the woman operation the local shelter for homeless girls so secretive? And how is attractive rancher Bradley Talverson involved?

When the body of a third girl is discovered in the desert not far from a private psychiatric hospital, Kendall's life hangs in the balance as she strives to uncover the horrifying secret."

Review: WHAT? TWO grown-up books IN A ROW?? Who would have thought it was possible...?

So anyway. This was a good book. I have a problem with fish-out-of-water stuff, so the beginning made me uncomfortable. But after that got better, I liked it. The story was interesting, I liked the romance.

This seems like the kind of book that's supposed to be a big Setting book; you know, one of those, "the place was a CHARACTER!" things. (See: Hogwarts, Serenity). I felt like she was kind of going for that, but I never really felt it. I was told it a little, though.

Goodreads Shelves: addictive, fluffy, i-have-the-ebook, is-this-a-kissing-book, my-kind-of-woman


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