Read Your Own Books August

Mel over at Mel's Books and Info is hosting Read Your Own Books August; basically, for those with a book-buying addiction, it's acting as an excuse/support group to stop buying books and read the ones you already have. :) I don't have a book-buying addiction, but I DO have a library addiction (and a DVD buying addiction... but this isn't a DVD blog), so I'll still get something out of it. Also, I like supporting people. :)

Here are the books I can read this month:
- Books and eBooks I own right now.
- Books and eBooks checked out from the library right now.
- Books and eBooks that are on hold at the library, as long as they can't be renewed. If the due date is after August 31, I have to wait.
- Audiobooks I have checked out from the library right now.

If you want to participate, just head over and sign up!

1 comment:

  1. Jamie,
    Thanks for signing up! I wish you luck on your goals and thank you for the support. I have been buying too many books lately!


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